Monday, January 14, 2019

Download Fl Studio 20 Full Crack - Fixed Demo Mode 2019
[New 2019][Download] Fl Studio 20 Full Crack Active - Fixed Demo Mode

FL Studio 20 - main screenshot
Image-Line has jumped ahead a little with FL Studio 20 because the company’s last version was number 12, so what gives? Well, the company is celebrating 20 years of the software and that policy I mentioned is its lifetime of free updates, which means just what it says.
If you were one of those lucky punters who opted for version 1.0 of FruityLoops – as it was first called – back in 1997 (more accurately, the first release proper was v1.2.7 in March 1998), then you will have been receiving free updates to this day, so you will no doubt be the happiest person in music production, so radically and fast has the software moved on since those early days.
And as that free update offer continues, if you buy in with v20 today, you will probably receive free updates until the 22nd century when the software will be producing music based on what you’re thinking. It’s a policy well worth celebrating, then, and that’s why we have FL Studio 20. With the moniker focussing so much on the history, perhaps this is an appropriate point to look back at how the software has developed in those 20 years.
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Saturday, January 13, 2018

[Download] GlueReeds - Free Electric Piano VST Plugins

Name: GlueReeds
Category: Electric Piano
Developer: Mokafix Audio
GlueReeds is a Physicaly modeled Reed electric piano with sticky pads. a virtual electric piano VS plugin based on a Pianet® mechanism.
  • Velocity curve control
  • Physical parameters adjustments
  • Seemless dynamic response
  • Endless sustain decay
  • Authentic EP sound thanks to Reactive Synthesis

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

[Free Download] Full Cymatics - Savage Drums for Trap Sample Pack

We are proud to present Savage Drums for Trap - the best samplepack for trap music ever created!
“Ur drums are da bomb.” -Dillon Francis
“Savage drums makes all other sample packs irrelevant, I cant imagine working on a song without dipping into this pack. They nailed it.” -Brillz
“By far the most complete Cymatics pack yet, with top quality drums and sounds.” -Boombox Cartel
“Amazing sounds to fuck around with!” -Slander
"Savage Drums for Trap is going to be a must have weapon even if you don't do trap. we were surprised by the amount of high quality sounds, from vocals to arps. Can't wait to find all the amazing hidden sounds of this pack!" -Lush & Simon
"Got the Trap pack yesterday and have already made use of pretty much every drum sample in there! These samples are ready to go and sound great” -Aryay

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

[Download] Reveal Sound Spire v1.0.20 Windows/MacOSX + Full Crack, Keygen, Patch Free

Spire is a software polyphonic synthesizer that combines powerful sound engine modulation and flexible architecture, a graphical interface provides unparalleled usability. Spire is the embodiment of the best opportunities, both software and hardware synthesizers.

[Download] Sonic Academy KICK 2 v1.0.2 + Full Crack, Keygen, Patch Free

KICK 2 - Drum Synthesiser

KICK 2 is finally here - The Multi Award Winning KICK gets an extensive upgrade for 2016. Easily sculpt, shape, create, manipulate, mangle your way to the perfect kick drum.
No longer do you need to rely on sampled and resampled low quality kick drums in sample packs. With KICK 2 you can easily create a perfectly synthesised kick attuned to your needs.
kick - image

3 Fully Featured Click Areas

New to KICK 2 are 3 click areas jam packed with features including start timelength controlLow / High Pass Filters and fine pitch adjustment
No longer do you need to manipulate and adjust your clicks before import, simply load them and get started straight away

Drag & Drop Click Loading

Found an audio click that you like? simply drag and drop it straight onto the plugin window to load it directly into your soundbank

External Sample Folder Browsing

Browse your personal sample collection direct from inside the plugin - allowing you to audition all of your favourite samples without having to manually load them in.

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[New 2019][Download] XFer Serum 1.2.0b5 + Full Crack, Keygen, Patch Free


This fix is for users that keeps getting there user.dat key deleted or changed
after saveing presets in the Retail Version using R2R's Keygen.

For some users this meens that your user.dat key will also be changed by Serum
so that when Serum is reopen it reads the new key it made and opens a pop-up window to there website
and won't let you enter a new key again :(

Fix :)

Frist remove your old  ( user.dat ) key if you can't enter a new serial anymore.
Install Serum 120b5 and Serum FX 120b5
open Serum 120b5 in your daw and enter a Serial from the R2R keygen / Xfer_KeyGen 10,2016.exe
Make sure to now close Serum then search for and open this folder on your PC,

C:\Users\ your name \AppData\Roaming\Xfer\Serum\user.dat

and make the file ( user.dat ) read only.

You can do this by Right-clicking on the user.dat file
Chouse Properties / Attributes / Read-only / Apply - ok :)

you can now swap the .dll with the patched version
and it should work ok.


If you try to do this read me fix with the unpatched plugins you will get a error <<<
please keep this in mind when updateing to a newer unpatched version from R2R ect ...

Thanks goes to R2R for the keygen.

HaVe FuN MuSiC LoVeRs :)